Dear Editor: North Korea’s been acting very rationally over the last few years.

What Pyongyang has observed since the dissolution of the Soviet Union is a militarist-imperialist Washington vilifying or directly attacking every sovereign state that: 1. runs its politico-economic system to the benefit of its people and not the predators of Wall Street; 2. offers diplomatic support to the Palestinians and criticizes the grotesque and brutal land grabs Tel Aviv routinely carries out; 3. doesn’t possess nuclear weapons.

Independent states must be perpetually vigilant. Washington militarists and the U.S. state-corporate media nexus will target them unmercifully with a ruthless demonization campaign, the objective being regime change via proxy forces or intel-NGO orchestrated destabilization.

Be it Iraq I, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq II, Libya or Syria, Kim Jong Un understands the paradigm Washington imperialists are intent on executing regardless of the global consequences. The Dr. Strangeloves running the show in Washington are putting the world on the brink of nuclear war; no matter, they’ll carry out capitalist-imperialist dictates until their last breaths.

Pyongyang recognizes the only means to stave off a violent attack from the Western militarists is to demonstrate that one has nuclear weapons. Only then will the vicious Washington imperialists consider backing off.

Drew Hunkins

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