Dear Editor: I am sure adults remember when they were teenagers — they and their friends probably had somewhere they would hang out a lot after school. Well, for Madison Memorial High School kids, we had that too. That place was the West Towne Mall, but now we don’t have that anymore on Fridays and Saturdays because they won’t let unaccompanied kids stay past 4 p.m.

By doing this, stores are losing a large amount of their customers, which is bad for their business and I know stores in the mall have to pay a very high rent. For example, Rocky Rococo recently closed because they could not keep up with the rent, which a lot of us students find really bad because we liked going to Rocky Rococo. 

In our school, they always tells that as we grow up we get treated more like adults, we get jobs, we get a driver’s license and a car, which all equals more freedom. But if we really were treated more like adults the older we got, I’m sure they wouldn’t exclude us from a public place.

A new skate shop recently opened at West Towne. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see many people over the age of 18 skateboarding. This store is obviously trying to bring in high school students but they can’t do that if we are not allowed in the mall.

I am hoping together we could make the mall a community friendly place once again.

Esteban Villarroel

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