Dear Editor: I was born in Madison and grew up off the end of the SW/NE runway at Traux Field. All my life I saw and heard airplanes. Those include Maj. Richard Bong doing aerobatics over Traux (the paper the next day ID'd him) in his P-38. After the WWII traffic settled down we had the P-51, followed by the F-86, then the F-89, then the F-102, then the A-10 and now the F-16. I like military and civilian airplanes and look forward to the F-35 coming to Madison.

I gave three years of my life to serve in the U.S. Army, including a year in Korea near the DMZ. The few seconds of noise I hear from civilian and military aircraft is nothing compared to the trauma inflicted on the people of South Korea. I am willing to continue to serve my country by listening to aircraft. I am very pleased Madison was chosen to be a base for the F-35.

Gary Peterson


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