Dear Editor: News that Taiwanese tech manufacturer Foxconn is going to open a Wisconsin plant that could bring thousands of jobs to the state seems like good news, until you consider that a huge subsidy of up to $3 billion is part of the plan.

Meanwhile, Colorado, where voters legalized cannabis in 2012, has now collected $500 million in taxes with tens of thousands of jobs created and with no subsidy from the state.

Wisconsin Republicans love to talk about smaller government, but a multibillion subsidy to a foreign corporation seems like a terrible deal in comparison to the jobs and economic activity that would be created by cannabis legalization without cost to state taxpayers.

Rather than sending Rep. Melissa Sargent's comprehensive cannabis legalization bill LRB-2457 to the trash heap, state lawmakers need to give it their full consideration before even thinking about giving away the state treasury for a few thousand jobs concentrated in one part of the state.

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Gary Storck


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