Dear Editor: I write in support of Madison’s senior citizens and the city’s public golf courses.

At age 67 I, and many of my fellow seniors, continue to pay property taxes to, in part, subsidize various positive elements of the community (such as schools, bike paths, and baseball, softball and soccer fields) from which we may no longer directly benefit.

After many years of neglect — including a lack of a professional business plan and proper capital investment — there is consideration to close some or all of the city’s public golf courses. As a recent consultant’s report noted, the largest population segment of Madison’s golf course users are senior citizens. (This is not the forum to discuss the societal issues to help explain that fact.)

For at least six months each year, golfing provides the primary recreational and social interaction activity for many seniors. Now we may need a little help from the community to help maintain that opportunity.

I ask that the mayor, members of the City Council, and members of the Board of Parks Commissioners to support the city’s seniors and establish and support a management structure and business plan that will maintain the city’s golf courses and help grow the numbers of those who enjoy them in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Gene Lillge


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