Dear Editor: "Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker left in place a measure that will take away the rights of municipalities to exercise eminent domain to build bike paths, bike lanes and sidewalks."

This quote from last Friday's Cap Times indicates that Scott Walker has had a change of heart on eminent domain in the last two years, and is more than willing to take away the ability of local governments to utilize eminent domain to obtain right-of-way for nonmotorized transportation infrastructure that is vital to moving the transportation sector to less reliance on fossil fuel.

In the 2015 budget a last-minute item was placed in the bill to allow Enbridge, LLC the exclusive right of eminent domain for their pipeline corridor easements in Wisconsin. So here we have a foreign corporation, Enbridge, worth billions of dollars granted the right to condemn land for polluting tar sands oil pipelines that are privately owned profit-making enterprises. We will soon see the value of whatever Enbridge had to spend to bribe the Wisconsin Legislature and Walker for this special treatment.

Enbridge will be needing extra land for tar sands oil pipeline 66 next to their existing pipeline corridor that runs the length of Wisconsin from Superior to Delavan. This is beyond the pale of simple corruption and is such a blatant example of the brazen corporate ownership of state government in Wisconsin that we should all be mad as hell and ready to act to correct this putrid political cesspool in the streets and at the ballot box.

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Harry E. Bennett


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