Dear Editor: The current problems with education in Wisconsin apparently have to do with teacher licensing and can be solved by our governor and Legislature simply eliminating high standards and allowing anyone with a bachelor’s degree to teach.

Because really, anyone can teach. There’s no skill to it, no need for training, or an understanding of child development, just knowledge of the content and you too can be a teacher in Wisconsin. The state that so values teachers and education in general that we continue to support a governor who cuts funding, eliminates collective bargaining, and forces districts to dismantle programs that have proven successful, not to mention what is happening at the university level. The real reason Wisconsin school districts are having a tough time filling positions has nothing to do with our state politics, and really everything to do with the wrong people are teaching our children.

Very soon, and the wealthy puppet masters behind the scenes know this, there will be no real certified teachers left in Wisconsin. We are burning up before your eyes. We can’t teach, because you know better. We can’t build relationships with kids because that is dangerous. We can’t help young people realize their potential because we are not allowed to discipline, nor are we are allowed to demonstrate the relationship between hard work and opportunity. We must teach to the lowest common denominator in every classroom. We must put the needs of a few before the needs of many. We must live in the state that suddenly hates teachers, and blames them for all that is wrong with how we spend our tax money.

Jackie Burwell

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