Dear Editor: Tim Burns, Rebecca Dallet, and Michael Screnock are on the primary ballot for the state Supreme Court Feb. 20, and two of the three will make it onto the April ballot.

Screnock is a Gov. Walker patsy. He knows the right words to make it sound like he’s impartial, but like many that came before him, he’ll vote to keep the right wing in power.

For those interested in taking back the court from the right-wing cabal that has taken it over, that leaves Burns and Dallet. Burns has decided to take the no-holds-barred anti-Walker approach. Dallet has decided to take a more traditional approach to judicial campaigning, i.e., refusing to state a position on most issues and relying on her record to tell her story. Both have legitimate left-leaning credentials, and both would be better than Screnock and the outgoing Justice Gableman.

Most people assume the April election will be a contest between Screnock and either Burns or Dallet, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We could have a April election election between Burns and Dallet.

February primaries are always low-turnout ballots, so it doesn’t take many people voting to sway the elections. So instead of worrying about who’s the better candidate between Burns and Dallet, find someone to pair up with, and one of you vote for Burns and the other for Dallet. It would be especially helpful if the person you pair up with doesn’t normally vote in primary elections. If Burns and Dallet both end up with close to the same number of votes, there is a chance they could both defeat Screnock in the primary, and guarantee a change in the state Supreme Court.

John Hallinan

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