Dear Editor: On Dec. 2, I was paddling my kayak on Lake Monona when a drone started flying toward me. It hovered about 10 feet above my head, pointing its camera directly toward my face as I paddled along the shoreline. For a good five minutes it hovered just out of reach, as I insisted that it, "Get lost, leave me alone," and threatening to knock it out of the sky if it got any closer.

I have no idea whether the operator had an audio connection to hear what I was saying, but it would have been obvious through the camera that I was angry and unnerved by the whole experience. It was a clear invasion of my space, and my privacy. The incessant whine of the drone also destroyed an otherwise peaceful outing on the water.

So I ask: What FAA laws or Wisconsin laws were broken by the drone operator? If he or she broke no laws, there should be more laws to protect innocent victims from this type of harassment.

And yes, if the drone had flown within reach of my paddle, I would have knocked it out of the sky, and drowned it in the lake, without thinking twice about destroying someone's precious little drone.T

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John Haugen-Wente


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