Dear Editor: The money spent by large corporations, super PACs and billionaires to push their agendas in our political system is a danger to our democracy. An unbelievable amount of money coming from a small minority is being used to control our lives in so many ways. One percent of our population controls approximately 40 percent of the wealth. They use their wealth to influence how we protect our children, how innocent immigrants are treated, what laws are passed, how our government spends our tax money, how our elected officials do their jobs, how the racial divide keeps us apart, how our water and land and air are regulated, who is allowed the best education, and so many aspects of our work and personal lives.

We need to understand which groups use their influence to make America a better place for us to thrive in, and which groups use their influence to promote fear, hate, self-interests and extremist views. It is not a democracy when the voice of the majority isn’t acknowledged by our elected officials. It is our responsibility as citizens to fight this corruption in government and demand the voices of the majority be heard.

Kurt Zemke

Rice Lake

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