Dear Editor: We former School Board members enthusiastically support Gloria Reyes for Madison School Board.

The daughter of migrant farm workers, Gloria is a Madison East graduate, the parent of Madison students, and a former neighborhood police officer. She currently serves as deputy mayor responsible for budgeting, education and public safety.

Gloria knows firsthand that strong public schools are the foundation of our city’s success. She’ll bring her deep experience to ensure our schools remain challenging, vibrant and safe.

As the district’s strategic framework acknowledges, we need a talented workforce that represents the diversity of our student population. The same is true of the School Board.

More than 20 percent of the district’s students are Latino. These students see no one who looks like them on the board.

Gloria will change this. She will serve as a role model for Latino and other students of color and be a trusted point of contact for their families.

When the enrollment at Madison’s only voucher school is 50 percent Latino, the kind of effective outreach that Gloria can provide is critical and will benefit all our students and their families.

Please join us in electing Gloria Reyes April 3.

Michael Flores

Ed Hughes

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Juan Jose Lopez

Johnny Winston Jr.


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