Dear Editor: I live on California’s central coast, where real estate is expensive, just for a basic home. It is where I work and have family. I’m 64 and have now been working for 50 years. I pay $25,000 in property taxes and interest on my mortgage.

Though Rep. Paul Ryan has been bragging about saving a woman $1.50 per pay period in taxes, his tax plan has hurt me severely. He has just reduced my future annual deduction by $15,000, and the equity in my home will be greatly reduced. The property tax and interest-mortgage deduction incentive to buy has disappeared. I didn’t anticipate that Republicans would eliminate a century-old tax rule on state deductions in one fell swoop. Who would?

California is not only a blue state. It is a giver state. We give back more to the federal government than we get back from Washington. Wisconsin is the reverse. It gets back over $1.50 for every $1 it pays in. Ryan wants Californians to give even more and people from Wisconsin to take even more. This is so unfair.

Michael Guista

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Santa Maria, California

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