Dear Editor: Donald Trump is not a sympathizer or supporter of white supremacists. He IS a white supremacist. He is a racist and promotes racist policies. He supports fascist approaches to governance.

Racists should support him. He's your guy.

Everyone else (does that include you?) should stop supporting him or making excuses.

It's not up to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It's up to Americans. The reality TV show "I'm the president and you're not" needs to be cancelled before Jan. 20, 2018.

And every senator in the room when he said the things he said  Thursday should be recalled if they don't unequivocally rebuke Trump immediately. In fact, every senator, of every party, should make an in-person on-the-record appearance rebuke Trump and his words. And the president of the Senate, Mike Pence should do so as well. Nothing less is acceptable to restore civility and any degree of inclusiveness.

Any apologist for Trump deserves to be ostracized. It's time to divide the country starkly right now, so we can purge this poison, then come together again.

Don Lemmon of CNN and Dan Rather, formerly of CBS, said it clearly Thursday night: Trump is a racist. This needs to become THE chorus among all of us now. Sympathizers and supporters of Trump should band together. The majority of Americans must as well. The time is over for any niceties. The media should lead where elected officials do not, but all elected officials from Wisconsin and elsewhere should be clear that racism in a president cannot be tolerated and this man is not fit to hold the office.

It's not about "we can't stomach Hillary" any more. It's not about "I'm tired of Obama" any more. It's about sending this guy back to his family, his business scams, and his media life for the audience who likes him.

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Michael M. Miller, MD


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