Dear Editor: Watching the decline of public education in Wisconsin is devastating. Over the past four years in high school, I experienced fewer teachers, larger class sizes, and lack of resources in classrooms. However, I at least had access to public education. Currently, 263 million children worldwide have no access to basic education.

As a current student at the University of Michigan, I advocate for increasing the quality and breadth of public education worldwide by lobbying Congress to support the Global Partnership for Education resolution, which provides grants to 89 developing nations to train teachers and provide educational resources. Education is a basic right that every single child, regardless of wealth, should have access to. U.S. leadership is crucial to the success of the Global Partnership for Education, and our congressmen have the power to make that happen. Sens. Baldwin and Johnson should co-sponsor the GPE resolution because it is unacceptable that I have access to public education, but 263 million children around the globe do not.

Michael Zimmerman


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