Dear Editor:  I agree with Beth Esser’s piece “MGE could lead in cutting transportation emissions.” The utility itself, however, doesn’t seem to agree. Madison Gas & Electric’s board of directors is opposing the shareholder proposal for the company to lead a study into providing clean energy to fuel the growing electric transportation sector.

For a corporation claiming to be our “community’s energy company,” the investor-owned monopoly doesn’t seem to want anyone to have input besides their high-paid executives. MGE has broken their promise to form a “community energy partnership,” and now they won’t even support a proposal from their own shareholders.

The utility industry widely acknowledges that providing clean energy to fuel electric vehicles, fleets, and mass transit is a huge growth opportunity in a sector otherwise facing flat or declining sales. This is also one avenue to help the city of Madison towards its 100 percent renewable energy goal. If MGE won’t agree to help Madison achieve this goal, is it time for the city to begin looking elsewhere?

Mitch Brey

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