Dear Editor: In a recent story about a Wisconsin bill that would change tenant and landlord regulations and limit municipal power, there is a tried and proven approach to finding the source of the problem: Follow the money.

In doing so, as of Dec. 31, 2014, the introducer and sponsor of Senate Bill 639 have received $34,312 from real estate interest groups. This number was ferreted out compliments of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's website.

In that this figure is 3 years old, one can only imagine what the aforementioned amount has become. Perhaps looking further into campaign donations from the real estate industry would result in some interesting "coincidences."

Senate Bill 639 is an effort to tighten the screws even more against tenants and their already-diminished rights.

If anyone has visited the Capitol, you cannot help but notice the shadowy figures lurking about the pillars of the building. Some refer to them as lobbyists. Others as "bagmen."

On the matter of limiting municipal power by taking away routine rental property inspections, this will contribute to dilapidation of property, resulting in draconian effects on the economic and social fabric of any city.

This advocacy for short-term gain for some and long-term problems for all is not the path we should be taking.

My question to those "legislators" and to many rental property LLCs of Wisconsin is this: How much is enough?

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Lastly, there is another tried and proven approach resolving greed and lust for power: Getting out and voting for your own economic and social interests!

Randy O'Connell


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