Dear Editor: It needs to pointed out to the listening public that there is one radio station in Wisconsin (WRRD 1510 AM and online at that has brought the progressive view into the conversation. You cannot say the same thing about WISN and WTMJ, where you get a steady diet of right-wing propaganda.

WRRD station owner Mike Crute and his on-air partner Dominic Di Salvo, also known as the Devil's Advocates, have been on the air with Resistance Radio for nearly one year and are steadily expanding their audience. This is even despite efforts by WTMJ to thwart this move by bringing a big bag of money to the FCC to stop WRRD's effort to expand its reach.

As an aside, I would like to compliment the Devil's Advocates for using Gov. Scott Walker's conversation with billionaire Diane Hendricks about his "divide and conquer" approach to governing in one of their commercials.

No other opponent of Walker's has had the gumption to use this easily accessible conversation. If the current opponents to Walker want a serious chance at defeating him, I recommend they use this and the myriad of other statements he has made while riding roughshod over the state.

Do you think Walker would not do the same ?

Randy O'Connell

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