Dear Editor: Governments and businesses need each other, but exist for different reasons. Businesses exist to create profit. Governments exist to negotiate the needs of the people represented. Some elected officials have ridiculed and discredited government because that gains favor from the wealthy, who’ve decided paying campaign donations is preferable to paying taxes.

We the people have agreed to pay taxes and give government authority over shared resources, so that our shared needs can be met. In Wisconsin, we have a heritage of our resources being used to build transportation, communication and energy infrastructure, while keeping our water, land and air clean and healthy. We have a heritage of excellent public education and the Wisconsin Idea that the purpose of that education is to improve the lives of all the people of our state. Government provides public safety services, and a legal system. Can business function without any of that?

Our elected officials spend their time with corporate executives who view our public treasury as a source to be raided rather than the source of infrastructure and services. Foxconn is the latest example. Wisconsin’s Legislature seems prepared to empty our public treasury to lure this foreign corporation. The promised payouts to Foxconn may well bankrupt our state before there is adequate return to the people who live here. Wisconsinites have families and homes here, but Foxconn can easily move on to the next gullible place.

Rebecca Alwin

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