Dear Editor: There is a problem in our democracy when one legislator can single-handedly prevent a vote on a bill that unanimously passed the Assembly committee, the full Assembly, and the Senate committee. As the majority leader, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald controls the Senate calendar, and if he doesn’t want to allow a vote on a bill, he simply refuses to put it on the calendar.

This is what he did with SB 802, a bill that would upgrade animal sexual abuse from a misdemeanor to a felony.

This bill has the support of law enforcement, animal activists, and every single legislator who has voted on it to this point. Not one single person testified in opposition to it during any hearings. And yet, according to reports, Fitzgerald didn’t want the media talking about sex with animals on the last day of the session, so he unilaterally decided not to allow a vote on it.

Fitzgerald got his wish. We’re not talking about sex with animals; we’re wondering why he would thumb his nose at law enforcement, constituents, and colleagues, and instead choose to protect animal abusers as his final act of the session.

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Rebekah Klemm


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