Dear Editor: We are proud to stand with Congressman Mark Pocan, former Congressman Dave Obey and thousands more across Wisconsin in supporting nationally recognized consumer rights attorney Tim Burns in his important race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Under the court's current leadership, strongly influenced by outside big business special interest money, we have seen a string of bad decisions in Wisconsin on issues from voting rights, to campaign finance, collective bargaining, open records and more.

Tim Burns is the strongest of the three candidates running in this crucial race for our future. One of his opponents was arrested multiple times in Wisconsin for preventing women from accessing legal reproductive health services. That same opponent worked behind closed doors on the legal team that brought Wisconsin the worst gerrymandering in the country. Tim's other opponent endorsed the re-election of the court's current chief justice, who has led the majority in some of the court's most regressive decisions in state history. And that same chief justice donated $2,500 to Tim's opponent in her race for a circuit court seat in Milwaukee. If we are to see fair and independent decisions from Wisconsin's Supreme Court, our next justice must not be an extremist and must be independent of the current majority on the court.

Tim Burns is the most highly qualified candidate in this race. He has had a distinguished legal career working nationally on complex litigation, earning recognition as one of the best lawyers in the country. He has been a strong advocate for voting rights, the environment and working families and will work to ensure that every case is decided on the law and that special interests will not be given special treatment. Vote for Tim Burns for the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

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Roberta Gassman, Barbara Lawton and Terese Berceau


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