Dear Editor: In what seems to be a crass effort to buy votes in November, Gov. Walker and Speaker Robin Vos announced a one-time $100 payment to families with dependent children to be delivered shortly before the 2018 elections. A one-time $100 gift to voters the Republicans desperately need right before the November elections? Is there any way to avoid the conclusion that this is nothing but a brazen attempt to buy votes?

Given that Republicans recently doled out $28 million in tax breaks for 15 multimillionaires and $4.5 billion in taxpayer subsidies to a foreign corporation, it’s hard to believe that they really have the interests of middle-class families at heart.

Perhaps the most tragically laughable recent news report is that Republicans are proposing to run a $6.8 million ad campaign to lure millennials to move to the state by promoting outdoor activities and shorter commutes. This proposal comes after the GOP has spent six years pushing an agenda that has underfunded our public education system, deregulated natural resources and state parks, and has caused Wisconsin to have the fourth-worst roads in the nation.

How dumb do they think we are?

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Ron Biendseil


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