Dear Editor: The governor wants to spend $6.8 million on an ad campaign to attract young workers to Wisconsin. I'd like to suggest some winning slogans to highlight his reforms: "Shut up and work for us — you have no rights or protections," "WI: Growing at half the rate as the rest of the country," "Dead last in business start-ups," "Highest poverty rate in 30 years," "Work hard so we can funnel your dollars to my billionaire campaign donors," "Come for the gravel roads, stay for the silica dust in your lungs and poop in your drinking water," "Ladies, come to Wisconsin so you can stay at home and produce more workers — err, babies," "WI: It's like stepping back in time to the Age of the Robber Barons," "Come to Wisconsin — then keep going to Minnesota (they're beating us by every social and economic measure)."

In all seriousness, I appreciate the ad campaign because most new workers will settle in the Madison area, and Dane County will continue to create 60-70 percent of the state's new jobs. What's the attraction? Public schools, public libraries, public transportation, higher education, the great outdoors, health care, social services, renewable energy, a Buy Local initiative, and countless other assets the governor has attacked since 2010.

Sachi Komai


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