Dear Editor: What the hell are you thinking putting the cartoon you did in the Cap Times "Plain Talk" column this week? I am deeply offended that you and your editorial team felt that it was acceptable to use the image of a woman being held down and spanked (or something else?). I would argue there are many actions that could be inferred from this cartoon by a man. And she has her pants pulled down in a way that appears it's against her will. What is wrong with you?!

As a woman this is deeply offensive. It also is ironic that you included this image in an opinion piece about how the Republicans in the state Capitol are pursuing a bill that will endanger women's health. I am a nurse and a feminist and your inclusion of this cartoon is absolutely disrespectful to women. You are just as bad as the legislators trying to cut off access to women's health care. This shows that you will use women in an exploitative way to get a point across, which is just as bad as the GOP restricting women's access to health care. You don't get to accuse the GOP of controlling women's bodies when you show such disregard for our bodies in this cartoon. We are not your props and our bodies are not to be used to make a point in this way. I expect better from you (Dave Zweifel) and the Cap Times.

Shannon Anderson


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