Dear Editor: I would like to point out that recent and continuing financial constraints being placed on the UW System should be contested — if for no other reason than an economic point of reference. The fact is that more jobs are created by small business than large business. University degrees can be for specific skills that can be used by existing businesses, or can be to learn how to sift and winnow, how to search for the truth.

I know for a fact that some banking companies in our state look for English and history graduates as officers, in large part because their training means that they can communicate clearly. Perhaps a philosophy major can stand in another's shoes, having learned about many perspectives on life, and thus be a great customer service representative, or judge, or politician. Perhaps an art major, or an agriculture (not agribusiness) major can think outside of the box, and thus come up with better ways to service the market.

We do ourselves an economic disservice by restricting our university systems to a narrow view of economic activity.

Thomas Murn

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