Dear Editor: I disagree with Sen. Leah Vukmir's characterization of Sen. Tammy Baldwin's support of Sen. Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All bill as being extreme. All other industrialized, advanced nations of the world have a government-sponsored single-payer or controlled health plans that cover all their citizens at half of the cost per capita of the U.S. In Canada, even conservative businesspeople support their Medicare for All plan.

Conversely, Vukmir, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson and Donald Trump's plan to repeal Obamacare is extreme, as they have no health care plan to support the financial lower classes, and would dump 33 million Americans off health insurance, including 11 million Medicaid patients (40 percent of them children).

The Republican plan is not a health care plan; it is a tax redistribution to the already rich, leaving millions of Wisconsinites — the elderly, veterans and children — at risk of not having the health care that they need. As a practicing physician of over 40 years, I support Baldwin and Sanders in their advocacy for Medicare for All.

Timothy Shaw, M.D.

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