When it comes to exercise, no two bodies are the same

The word exercising is not in my vocabulary. In fact, “let’s get swole” would not be a phrase you’d ever hear me say. I’m all for staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle, but going to the gym would never be my idea of fun. As a five-foot-e…

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On this day in history...

1795—France takes over Belgium. As we know, this was the last time France conquered anything.

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Arts & Entertainment

Porter Robinson’s tour shows emotional side of electronic genre

Last month, Porter Robinson’s Worlds helped popular electronic music to take a step in the right direction, encouraging a shift in focus from the loud, formulated nature of big room dance music to an emphasis on meaningful and emotional songw…

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Bacterial genomes reveal new fuel

Bacterial genomes reveal new fuel

Using bacterial genes, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison were able to identify furan containing fatty acids; compounds that could potentially be replacement components for oil in the fuel industry and chemicals in the pharmac…

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