Campus sexual assault deserves no second shot

California recently passed a bill known as the “yes means yes” law, which requires positive affirmation of intent for sexual activities on college campuses. The new law states that silence or a lack of resistance does not constitute confirmat…

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Column: Wild Card round brings instant excitement

Column: Wild Card round brings instant excitement

Well… that Kansas City Royals game was fun. Twelve innings of multiple ties and lead changes, truly memorable plays and heroes like Brandon Finnegan, Brandon Moss and Jarrod Dyson all in front of an electric crowd and in winner-take-all, no-t…

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Word ‘networking’ arouses business major

Word ‘networking’ arouses business major

Insisting that there’s “nothing quite like it,” University of Wisconsin junior and business major Edward Montgomery admitted on the record that the simple utterance of the word ‘networking’ gets him hot and bothered in no time.

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Arts & Entertainment

Digital TV leads in transgender roles

Digital TV leads in transgender roles

I didn’t watch much of MTV’s Video Music Awards this year, but the one clip I did see was 15 seconds of Laverne Cox dancing and singing along to Beyoncé’s performance. Most of the crowd around her looked disinterested in the whole affair, but…

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Bacterial genomes reveal new fuel

Bacterial genomes reveal new fuel

Using bacterial genes, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison were able to identify furan containing fatty acids; compounds that could potentially be replacement components for oil in the fuel industry and chemicals in the pharmac…

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