Do not stop at police body cameras

In the new millennium, we can watch a police officer kill a citizen as easily as we can start a Netflix trial. These past few years of headlines, from Florida to Ferguson and beyond, have served as an archival of wrongdoing: a grandparent bei…

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Men's Soccer: UW rematches 2013 NCAA opponent

Men's Soccer: UW rematches 2013 NCAA opponent

Playing their third consecutive home game, the Badgers (0-5-0 Big Ten, 2-9-2 overall) will look for some consolation Wednesday in what’s been a disappointing season against in-state rival Milwaukee (2-3-1 Horizon, 5-8-2).

October 21, 2014 11:14 pm(0)

Arts & Entertainment

Auguring the future of movie universes

So I want to talk a little about definitions. Mostly, I want to talk about the fact that TV and movies are, more and more, the same thing, sort of? Because they maybe weren’t so different in the first place? But all that comes later. First, w…

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Feminist biology provides a new scientific perspective

Caroline VanSickle’s office was exactly what I would expect the office of an anthropologist to look like with a handkerchief-sized cloth printed with hominid skulls laying draped over a bookshelf and a tiny replica of a pelvis resting on top …

October 07, 2014 11:30 pm(0)

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