High corporate tax rate is killing American business success

In recent years America has not made it easy for businesses and corporations to compete effectively on the world stage.  Now, the midterm election may have opened the door for some positive changes.

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Women's Basketball: Badgers fall to Drake despite strong shooting

The Badgers dropped their second straight game of the season, losing to Drake 89-77.  Even though Drake (1-3) was ahead for most of the game, the Badgers (1-2) only trailed the Bulldogs 43-38 at halftime.

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The Dirty Bird: Inappropriate articulation: Talk dirty to me

“Daddy likey that cream!” “I’m going to drill you so hard until you turn into cookie dough!” “My penis is going up and down, up and down.” “There must be a sexy no matter what.”

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Arts & Entertainment

UW Theatre continues modern adaptations with ‘Helen’

UW Theatre continues modern adaptations with ‘Helen’

In the dimly lit Hemsley Theatre, a modernized Greek play of epic proportions emerged Friday, Nov. 21. “Helen” is the classic story of the wife of King Menelaus. She is known for starting the Trojan War when she ran off with Paris, prince of …

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Communicating bacteria use quorum sensing before attack of the host

One of the great mysteries of modern science has been how when bacteria congregate in small numbers, they are relatively innocuous. However, when the amount of bacteria grows, it is as if a switch goes on and they go from being a clump of inn…

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