Column: No, Kentucky would not beat the Sixers

Like many college basketball fans, I tuned into the Champions Classic, watched Kentucky destroy Kansas 74-40 and came away with one very strong conclusion: Kentucky is college basketball’s Death Star this year. They are literally and figurati…

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Charles Manson insists on Beatles-themed ceremony

Charles Manson insists on Beatles-themed ceremony

A 26-year-old Illinois native claims she’s marrying infamous serial killer Charles Manson, and prison sources say Manson is dead set on a Beatles-themed wedding ceremony.

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Arts & Entertainment

‘Fantasy Zone’ galvanizes players with adorably difficult gameplay

“How on earth did we manage to play those games with the annoying beep-boop music on repeat?” That’s the question I was met with while discussing NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games with a classmate of mine. It’s true classic games like…

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Communicating bacteria use quorum sensing before attack of the host

One of the great mysteries of modern science has been how when bacteria congregate in small numbers, they are relatively innocuous. However, when the amount of bacteria grows, it is as if a switch goes on and they go from being a clump of inn…

November 18, 2014 11:30 pm(1)

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