Letter to the Editor: UW needs to cut contract with Jansport

This Thursday, April 24 marks the one year anniversary of the infamous Rana Plaza factory collapse that claimed 1,132 innocent workers’ lives. This incident was the largest industrial workplace disaster that has ever happened. In the last two…

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Arts & Entertainment

South Asian Sisters present 'Yoni Ki Baat' at Overture Center

This weekend, the South Asian Sisters-Madison, a student organization of progressive South Asian women, will be presenting their sixth production of "Yoni Ki Baat." I had the opportunity to sit down with a cast member, sophomore Nita Sharma, …

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Life & Style

The Daily Cardinal 2014 Pizza Poll

The Daily Cardinal 2014 Pizza Poll

Once upon a time, in Daily Cardinal yesteryear, the staff would yell across the isthmus of Madison City far and wide to the Italian mom-and-pop shops and greasy establishments, "Give us thy pizza! Thy most prized pizza!" And they did. Pizza a…

April 16, 2014 11:48 pm(1)

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