Feature: Boxing club returns, risks remain

Feature: Boxing club returns, risks remain

Immediate gratification. Not only can you read the results of a fight after the final round, but you can physically feel the consequences of your actions, good and bad. If you duck left when you should have moved right, you’ll see lights. On …

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Record Routine: Wasted Potential’s self-titled EP too heavy on listeners’ ears

Wasted Potential is a very fitting name for a band that sounds like something your parents would probably disapprove of. With obvious influences from early metal and punk, Wasted Potential’s self-titled EP is an adrenaline-fueled beast that i…

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UW Study finds cause of canine tremors

UW Study finds cause of canine tremors

A team of researchers led by Ian Duncan, professor of neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, reported last November in the journal glia that they have found the genetic basis for canine tremor disorder. The…

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