Police arrested three University of Wisconsin-Madison students Tuesday afternoon for allegedly attacking Wisconsin Badgers senior running back Montee Ball earlier this month.

Police arrested junior Robert Wilks and seniors Wendell Venerable and Deonte Wilson for substantial battery. The three 21-year-old men are in custody for attacking Ball while he was walking with friends in the 500 block of University Avenue around 2 a.m. on Aug. 1.

Witnesses said the attackers took Ball by surprise, knocking and kicking him to the ground in what police are calling an “unprovoked assault,” according to Madison Police Department Spokesperson Joel DeSpain.

Although only three suspects are in custody, DeSpain said police still hold the original eye-witness accounts of five attackers to be true.

“We still believe he was attacked by five people,” DeSpain said. “We’ve developed probable cause to arrest three of the five.”

Police also became aware of a fight at a house party on July 27 during the investigation, according to DeSpain. Ball was present at the fight, but police said there is no evidence to suggest he was involved.

DeSpain said the case is still an open investigation, and detectives are continuing to look into the attack on Ball in addition to the prior incident.

When students are allegedly involved in non-academic misconduct, the Division of Student Life will review the reports and handle violators according to the UW System Administrative Code, according to Dean of Students Lori Berquam. Non-academic misconduct consequences can include a meeting with a dean, a suspension, or an expulsion.

“The Division of Student Life and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics appreciate the effort of the Madison Police Department in helping to keep our students and community safe,” Berquam said in a statement.