City Life & Community News

Silvia Eugenia Ruiz, also known as Silvia Eugenia Derbez, is a former prominent Mexican telenovela actress currently living in Madison. She is looking for ways to bring mindfulness to the Latino community here, and has already facilitated a few sessions at Centro Hispano.

Madison game designer Keith Matejka has benefited from collaboration with fans in creating his games. Even though he designed and published his award-winning game “Roll Player” on his own, he’s had a symbiotic relationship with the people who play it.

Juan Gonzalez Torres is a local farmer and owner of Los Abuelos Farley Farm. He learned his farming skills from his family’s business in Mexico. His family has been devoted to selling and planting produce since he was a child. Gonzalez Torres first immigrated to the United States from Puebla, Mexico in 2003. He arrived to Madison in November 2003 to join his sister. Prior to Madison, he had spent his time picking grapes in Californian fields. Initially, Gonzalez Torres worked in restaurants for about seven years but ended up finding a way to do what he loved, farming.

The selected poems were forwarded to Edgewood College graphic design students in order to create illustrations. Mireles said this gave Edgewood College students the chance to practice working with a professional client and to see their work all over the city. Each student was able to pick the poem they believed they could best illustrate.

Jamie Ho and Jennifer Bastian were recently chosen for the Dane County Emerging Artists program by the Arts + Literature Laboratory, which is giving rising artists a yearlong mentorship, professional development and exhibiting their work.