In the early 1990s, Joan Peterson had tickets to Brazil, a spiral-bound notebook full of dishes to try and the idea that maybe, when she got back to Madison, she'd write a pamphlet. 

That was 14 culinary travel guides and many tasting tours ago (a signature trip, to Turkey, is set for November). Peterson, the writer and publisher of the Eat Smart guides through Gingko Press, has collaborated on guides to Denmark, Germany, Peru, Indonesia and more. Her most recent guide to Portugal written with Ronnie Hess was published last fall; a celebratory dinner of Portuguese wine and food is set for Thursday night at VomFass on University Avenue.  

This week on the podcast, Joan and her daughter, Eat Smart illustrator and marketer Susan Chwae, talk about how each 160 page travel guide comes together. Joan also shares how, in Morocco, the savvy traveler takes the bull by the horns. 

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