What started out as a hobby has become a reality for Vicky and Dean Baumgarten of Loganville.

Introduced to wine making thirty years ago, the Baumgarten’s started making wine in their cellar for friends. In September of this year, they opened up a winery on their farm in Loganville. The winery is named after the Narrows Creek Road, where the Baumgarten’s live.

“This is something that we wanted to develop for retirement,” said Vicky Baumgarten, co-owner of Narrows Creek Winery said.

What separates the winery from others is the variety of fruit wines like apple, blueberry, rhubarb, cranberry and even a summer tea wine.

“We brew tea and we add other flavors to it we add grape we add lemon to it,” Vicky Baumgarten said. “It’s like a grown up ice tea.”

The couple mainly collects local produce to make their wine. For its cherry rhubarb wine, the couples obtains cherries from Door County and are looking to expand growing their own fruit on the property with blackberries, raspberries and grapes to produce wine.

“We planted a field of rhubarb,” she said. “We’ve planted 300 plants, so someday we’ll have a sufficient amount but I think we’ll always be in our rhubarb connections.”

When walking into the winery, guests can sign the back door as their guest book, a tradition the couple kept from when they were still making wine in their cellar.

“We had people that would come visit us in the cellar sometimes and we’d say now you have to sign our door so we had a door to the basement and we carried that over,” Vicky Baumgarten said.

The couple is starting out small, only opening up the winery on weekends before extending into weekdays. Vicky Baumgarten said the next year the winery will close Jan. 1 through March and will open again in April for the winery’s first nine month season next year.

The couple is looking to expand their 60 acre farm to include walkways and in the future hopes to expand to celebrate various seasons and an area for people to have picnics and relax with a glass of wine.

“We want to share the views and the quietness of where we are and share what we’ve learned making wine and love to try new ones,” Vicky Baumgarten said.

The couple have been a part of the Farm/Art DTour as a part of Fermentation Fest, but with the Farm/Art tour becoming a biennial event, the first ever Hill and Valley Exploration Tour was started with fourteen area farms opening its doors to present many aspects of rural lifestyle. Narrows Creek Winery is one of the stops on the tour with the Baumgarten’s providing wine tastings and winemaking courses for $15 Oct. 14 and 15.

“What we like about having a winery is people coming and tasting and knowing what they are taking,” Vicky Baumgarten said. “Just seeing it in a bottle you have no idea until you try it and a lot of people have been very much surprised that in their mind thinking fruit wines are going to be really sweet and these aren’t as sweet as you might think.”

The community and the surrounding areas have been very welcoming to the winery, she said. In addition, the couple have met people from other states such as Colorado, Tennessee, Florida and Minnesota.

“How we feel about the winery is it’s not just about the wine but the people we meet,” she said. “Everyone has a story and we love hearing there’s and we love hearing ours that’s what it’s all about.”

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