Wilson Foreigner 2016 Rancho Chimiles Valdiguié Napa Valley ($32)

During an evening drive from St. Helena to Napa this past week, we noticed that holiday decorations were already adorning wineries, lighting up the valley sky. Instead of begrudging the fact that these displays were in place the week before Thanksgiving, a very different thing occurred: the scenery transformed post-fire weariness into brimming holiday spirit. We turned on Spotify and sang along to Christmas tunes.

Napa Valley not only has its spirit on display, but it is just gorgeous right now: sun-sparkled vineyards, colorful trees, flower-full bushes and bustling bar and restaurant scenes.

This week’s wine, by heritage grape-focused Wilson Foreigner, is made from a historic grape, long planted in the Napa Valley and long mistook for Beaujolais’ gamay grape (and therefore called Napa Gamay). Its tangy cherry flavors remind us of earlier wines made in the valley, and remind us to be thankful for this long history and the continued beauty of our vines and valley today.

Catherine Bugue is the Star’s tasting panel writer. Her weekly pursuit of a good glass of wine provides a nice supply of choices for the Wine of the Week column. If you’d like to submit a Napa Valley wine for this column, please send it to the Napa Valley Wine Academy, 2501 Oak St., Napa, CA 94559. There’s no guarantee your wine will be chosen to be featured, but all wines will be evaluated and considered.