A $3 billion state incentive package for electronics maker Foxconn, the largest ever of its kind, moved much closer to becoming reality Tuesday by passing the state Senate.

The bill passed on a 20-13 vote with two senators breaking party lines. Republican Sen. Rob Cowles of Allouez voted “no,” while Democrat Bob Wirch of Kenosha, near where Foxconn may locate, voted “yes.”

Senate Republicans had moved more cautiously than their Assembly counterparts on the Foxconn measure. Its passage returns the bill to the Assembly for what likely will be a swift approval on Thursday.

The bill then would head to its champion, Gov. Scott Walker, for a signature.

For more details, read this story: http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/govt-and-politics/foxconn-billion-incentive-deal-edges-closer-to-reality-with-state/article_8504babf-6993-5386-b3cc-11e9c5bfd851.html

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