Mountain Dew Stage at Capitol Square: THE RACING PULSES 7:30 P.M.; MODERN MOD 8:30 P.M.; GGOOLLDD 9:30 P.M.; MISTERWIVES 10:45 P.M.; TIMEFLIES 12:15 A.M.

Steve Brown Apartments/ 96.3 Star Country Stage at Gilman St.: JORDAN DAVIS 7:30 P.M.; THIRSTY JONES 8:30 P.M.; THE MASCOT THEORY 9:30 P.M.; THE CADILLAC THREE 10:30 P.M.; CHASE RICE MIDNIGHT

WSUM/Ian’s Pizza Stage at Frances St.: TRAP SATURN 7:30 P.M.; CHRIS LABELLA 8:30 P.M; SINCERE LIFE 9:15 P.M.; CRASHPREZ 10 P.M.; ME EN YOU 11 P.M; THE O'MY'S 12:30 A.M.