Gov. Scott Walker's office announced the following highlights of upcoming school reform legislation:

• Rate all schools, including charters and private schools that accept students with state-funded vouchers, on a scale of 0-100 based on multiple measures of student growth and proficiency. The system would replace "adequate yearly progress" reports under the federal No Child Left Behind law if approved by the federal Education Department.

• Require school districts to display their rating prominently on their website's home page.

• Create a framework for a teacher and principal evaluation system, half of which would be based on multiple measures of student outcomes, and the other half would be based on educator practice. Educators would not be held responsible for raw test scores but for "value-added" measurements that track student improvement on state and local exams over time.

• All K-8 teachers will be evaluated partly based on school-wide reading scores, and high school teachers will be evaluated partly based on graduation rates. Part also will be based on a specific school or district goal.

• The bill would ensure specifics of teacher evaluations "are not published in newspapers" while "ensuring parents have a right to know if their child receives a low-performing teacher."

• Require all students to take a reading test in kindergarten by 2012-13.

• Create a Read to Lead Development Council with statutory authority to raise money to support reading initiatives statewide.

• Require the Department of Public Instruction to improve the licensing exam for new elementary school reading teachers and coaches by 2013-14.

• Require DPI to publish report cards for schools of education and alternative licensing programs.