This week IBTV visits the Old Sugar Distillery on Madison's near east side. Named after an old sugar factory on Madison's east side, the distillery has created a range of small-batch spirits distilled and flavored with Wisconsin ingredients. Products include Americanaki Ouzo, Grappa, Cane & Abe Freshwater Rum, Queen Jennie Whiskey, and Old Sugar Factory Honey Liqueur. The distillery is capitalizing on new state laws that allow the company to have a retail location at its distillery on Main Street. You can visit the distillery for a taste test, tour of the site, and to enjoy a wide range of unique cocktails created with its products. You can also find its products at liquor stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Wisconsin and elsewhere in the United States. The distillery is one of a growing number of craft distilleries in the country, including Wisconsin's five craft distillers, which have recently joined together to form the Wisconsin Distillers Association.