Jake Wischmeier

I'd like to first talk a little bit about myself and then explain why I was motivated to run for office. I grew up just north of the district in Fox Ridge. I graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in economics and currently manage a department at the Best Western Inn on the Park on the Capitol Square. My parents were both 30-plus-year teachers in the Madison School District, and my wife teaches in the Madison School District. We rented in the Vilas neighborhood for the past seven years before buying a house in the Meadowood neighborhood last August. I'm a proud father of a 3-year-old daughter and I want to make Wisconsin a place we can be proud to raise our children.

I decided to run for state Assembly because I think what is happening in our state is completely unacceptable. All the issues are very simple, yet for the most part Democrats refuse to talk about them. I'll give a few examples.

Nonpartisan redistricting. In 2011 the Republicans used computer models to gerrymander all the districts, giving them as many big advantages as possible. All Democrats want is to have a nonpartisan group draw fair lines so we have competitive districts. If we actually took the time to explain that, it should be a winning issue in every district.

Or take climate change. We are quickly destroying the planet. We should lead in transforming our state to renewable energy, which would create many new jobs and make us a leader in producing the energy of the future. I don't think one Republican in the state wants to do anything to make the planet sustainable for our children and grandchildren.

Or education policy. Aside from the fact that the Republicans have cut nearly a billion annually from K-12 schools, they are taking money and passing legislation written by groups like American Federation for Children, which is trying to destroy the public schools so they can be privatized. They cut $250 million annually from our university system, and have given so many tax breaks to the richest people in the state that we still have to borrow to balance the budget.

We keep cutting people's wages. How hard is it to explain to people that the way to stimulate the economy is by increasing people's expendable income? Instead of cutting wages we should be trying to find ways to increase the income of working people, and cut the cost of their health care. One simple way to do that would be to accept the Medicaid expansion funds. It is our money, we pay federal taxes.

Democrats seem to be more worried about raising money than educating the populace. Those are just a few of the many things Democrats in Wisconsin should be explaining on a regular basis.

I am running as a Bernie Sanders Democrat because I think we need to start a statewide movement based on common-sense solutions to fix our problems. If elected I would try to be the most outspoken member of the Legislature and would work to find new creative ways to get media attention.

I am running against Lisa Subeck in the primary, who I like and have nothing against, but I want to give people who think we need to fight harder and try different strategies someone to vote for. If you are fine with the way our state is going then vote for Lisa. If you think we can and should be trying harder I want to represent you. Since I don't think it should cost people money to follow politics I am not asking for any money from you. If you like anything I have said please check out my Facebook page, share my posts, and tell your friends about my campaign.