The dilemma that makes fried spud lovers break out in a cold, clammy sweat?

“Would you like tater tots or fries with that?”

It’s a tough choice — a tater tot’s crispy, crunchy exterior vs. a french fry’s fluffy interior. Indecision will not save you from ridicule: The Twitterverse wants to know: Are you #teamtots or #teamfrenchfries?

But, hey, if you’re trying to shore up your waistline after too many tots and fries, the only answer to the question is give me crispy cauliflower bites, please!

In fact, these crispy oven-baked morsels made in a mini muffin tin are so reminiscent of tater tots you might not even miss the tater — especially if you dunk them in ketchup.

Preparation tips: If the cauliflower feels like it has a lot of liquid after processing, place it in a kitchen towel and squeeze away excess liquid.

Riced cauliflower is now available as either fresh or frozen at many grocery stores and it is great to use in this recipe. For best results, choose a riced cauliflower with kernels similar in size to rice. For this recipe, we tested it with riced cauliflower from Trader Joes.