Need something to fight the brutal cold? Yeah … us too.

It’s time to warm up with soothing comfort food. Nothing beats a bowl of steaming hot chili, soup or stew on frigid days like these.

Here, we’re featuring three recipes to get you through this current cold snap — one soup, one chili and a tasty roast.

Feel free to adjust each recipe to your own taste with seasonings and such.


  • Use a variety of chili powders for your desired spice level. Check ingredient labels on chili powders. Most a
  • re a blend of ground chilis, oregano and cumin. If it’s pure chili powder you are after, the ingredients should be “ground chili peppers.”
  • When using whole beef cuts to make chili or stews, freeze the whole piece of meat for about 25 minutes — it will be easier to cut into smaller pieces. Pat the meat dry well with paper towels before sautéing; this helps the meat brown.
  • Save Parmesan rinds to drop in soups for added flavor.