Police say a gas station employee stole nearly $15,000 worth of lottery tickets and pocketed winnings in cash.

According to a criminal complaint, the allegations came to light in late January when an officer was contacted by the director of operations for a Lake Delton-based travel mart.

The officer later interviewed a bookkeeper who reported finding discrepancies in lottery ticket sales logs. Another employee told the officer the discrepancies were created by 22-year-old Jasmine R. Cook of Baraboo, a clerk who worked the shift prior to hers.

The $15,000 loss total represents the value of alleged ticket thefts for December and January. The employee interviewed by the officer said she started noticing discrepancies after Cook was hired about a year and a half ago, but assumed they were due to sloppy record-keeping.

The officer reviewed surveillance footage that reportedly shows Cook “right at the register,” scratching off tickets, checking to see which ones are winners, and then discarding those that were’t.

“On several occasions Jasmine could be seen scanning the ticket and then removing money from the cash register to obtain the winning monies (from) the ticket,” the complaint states.

Cook allegedly denied stealing the tickets, but stopped showing up for work after she was confronted about it.

The Sauk County District Attorney’s Office has charged her with felony business theft, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years confinement and $25,000 in fines. She is due to appear in court Feb. 14.

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