A Delavan man faces stalking charges after allegedly maintaining “continued unwanted contact” with a woman in Juneau County.

Arnold Fobian, 51, is charged with stalking. He faces up to three years imprisonment for the charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

Fobian had made repeated contact with a woman “over a considerable amount of time, late 2015 through present.” Fobian had been sending the women Facebook messages, gifts, and a gift delivered to her place of work.

The woman reported that this has “caused her to suffer serious emotional distress,” and she now carries a firearm on a regular basis as a result of Fobian’s actions.

The contact began when the woman was working at Kwik Trip in Waterloo from 2013-2016, where Fobian, a daily customer, would “ask probative questions that made her uncomfortable.”

The woman’s former manager at Kwik Trip stated he had advised her to “hide in the cooler” when Fobian showed up at the store.

Fobian would also offer her gifts while she was working at Kwik Trip, including “a scarf, scratch off tickets, food and a St. Michael’s coin.” She commonly refused the gifts. A former coworker stated that at times she accepted gifts to avoid conflict.

Fobian told the woman that he planned on getting her what he called “riding leathers” for motorcycle riding, but never did.

Since leaving Kwik Trip, the woman has received a total of 54 messages from Fobian. In the messages Fobian asked the woman if she is free for the weekend, and asked her to “bring your handcuffs.” He later asked her “will you be my girlfriend/fiancé.”

On Oct. 27, Fobian had a flower arrangement of roses delivered to the woman’s place of work in Mauston. Upon realizing that it was sent by Fobian, the woman expressed concern and distress. The flowers included a card that read “I love you til the last rose is dead.”

In a subsequent phone interview with a Juneau County detective, Fobian stated that he thought of the woman as a “daughter.”

Fobian said he believed that the woman’s ex-boyfriend had sent the biker gang, the Diablo Lobos, after him. And the Facebook messages he sent the woman were intended for that ex-boyfriend, who he believed had made a fictitious Facebook account in her name.

Fobian said he had inadvertently sent the roses to the woman, and had meant to send flowers to his daughter and nieces instead. Fobian did not offer an explanation as to why the flowers and card had the woman’s name on them.

While speaking with the detective, Fobian said “Well, I’m not stalking her (because) there is places I could go if I was. I’m just trying to apologize and if I could apologize (we’re) done.”

On Nov. 2, the woman received a call from Fobian on her cell phone. She had answered it because she was unaware of the number, and “was clearly upset as a result.”

Fobian said he had called to apologize. The woman informed him he was not supposed to contact her. Fobian replied he must have misunderstood the detective, and hung up.

An arrest warrant was issued for Fobian the following day.

Fobian was released from the Juneau County jail on a cash bond of $500 and on the condition of no contact with the woman. His initial court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 6.

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