JUNEAU — A 57-year-old Horicon man was found guilty Wednesday of illegally voting in the presidential election last November.

Herbert E. York Jr. entered a guilty plea of election fraud — voting by disqualified person after a plea agreement was reached. Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Martin De Vries accepted his plea. York must pay $737 in fines and other court costs.

According to the criminal complaint, York was still on supervision with parole and probation for a felony conviction when he voted in the Nov. 8 general election.

York was placed on probation for three years after a 2014 conviction for intentionally subjecting an individual at risk to abuse in Washington County.

According to the criminal complaint, Horicon police received a report from the Wisconsin Elections Commission on Aug. 1 about a person who was on supervision and voted in the presidential election. York’s information matched a list of offenders who still were under supervision with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

Police met with York on Aug. 3, and began to tell him about the accusations when York allegedly interrupted them and said that they were there about him voting and that he was no longer on probation.

When the officer said he was on probation when he voted, York allegedly said, “Yeah, but I thought I would get away with it.”