A Sun Prairie man is being held on $2,500 cash bond after a traffic stop in Portage last week revealed an assortment of drugs and thousands of dollars in cash.

Shon Nichols, 42, appeared in Columbia County Circuit Court on Wednesday charged with four felony counts of drug possession with intent to distribute.

“At the time of the arrest, he had a large amount of drugs for distribution, which is, obviously, a concern and a danger to the community,” Assistant District Attorney William Appleton said. “He was caught with at least $4,000 cash on his person. The potential penalties that he is looking at for these offenses is 28½ years on four felonies, (which) would invite a flight risk.”

Nichols was pulled over just after 2 a.m. Friday on Cass Street near West Pleasant Street, where a Portage police officer warned him about a defective brake light. In the process, the officer reported smelling marijuana and asked Nichols to step out of the vehicle for a search.

The officer reported finding $825 in cash on Nichols and in the vehicle found $3,500 in cash in a Crown Royal whiskey bag, a baggie of about six grams of cocaine, a baggie with two grams of marijuana, another bag of eight grams of marijuana, a baggie with two pills of MDMA, and three bindles of anti-anxiety Alprazolam pills.

In addition to the drugs and cash, the officer found five cellphones, a scale and inositol powder, which can be used as a cutting agent, added to dilute cocaine.

“The criminal complaint in this matter asserts that there was $4,500 in cash in the vehicle and now Mr. Nichols asserts that he can’t come up with $500,” Judge Todd Hepler said at Wednesday’s bond hearing, describing the reported evidence as “quite the pharmacy in that vehicle at the time.”

Hepler called the proposed $2,500 bond “more than reasonable under the circumstances,” scheduling Nichols to next appear in court for a Feb. 8 preliminary hearing.