JUNEAU — A 35-year-old Oshkosh woman must serve one year in jail for using a controlled substance before a 2015 two-vehicle crash that injured one driver and caused her then 3-year-old daughter to be ejected from the vehicle.

Amy Leigh Galica appeared before Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Sciascia. A four-year prison sentence with five years of extended sentence was imposed and stayed. She was placed on probation for 7½ years. Her driver’s license was revoked for two years, and she must have an ignition interlock on any vehicle she owns or operates for two years. She also must undergo an AODA assessment.

Along with serving a year in jail, Galica must pay $24,000 in restitution. She must maintain absolute sobriety and may not enter any establishment whose primary business activity involves the sale of alcohol. She may not use, possess or control any controlled substance or drug paraphernalia, nor be in the presence of anyone who does. She must complete a psychiatric evaluation as directed by agent.

Galica entered a no contest plea on July 11 to a felony count of injury by use of a vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance.

The charges stem from the July 5, 2015, crash that occurred on Highway 151 at East Salem Road in the town of Calamus. According to the criminal complaint, the investigation revealed that Galica was driving one of the vehicles and had a 3-year-old child in the car. The other driver was identified as 30-year-old Timothy McEssey of Middleton.

Dodge County dispatch received a traffic complaint at 3:54 p.m. for a blue compact car that was driving all over the roadway, varying in speeds between 65 and 70 mph. The caller told dispatch that the vehicle had gone off the roadway into the ditch, crossed both lanes and that a baby in a car seat had been ejected.

The caller reported that the incident became a two-vehicle crash after the blue compact car crossed the median and was stuck by a southbound vehicle.

Officers found the southbound lanes of traffic on Highway 151 completely shut down. Galica was found lying in the median and was being tended by Beaver Dam EMS.

McEssey told officers that he was driving south on Highway 151 when the blue car, driven by Galica, came into his path and he could not avoid it. McEssey was transported to Columbus Hospital by ambulance.

Officers interviewed Galica, who said she was coming from a family gathering in Madison. Officers noted that Galica appeared to be coming in and out of consciousness. Beaver Dam paramedics told officers that Galica had told them that she had fallen asleep prior to the crash. She was transported by MedFlight to UW Hospital in Madison. Her daughter was transported to UW Children’s Hospital in Madison.

Officers found numerous prescription pill bottles scattered through the interior of Galica’s vehicle. They included ibuprofen, Trazodone, Sulfameth/Trimethoprim and Cyclobenzaprine. After finding the pill bottles, the officer requested that the UW Police obtain a blood sample from Galica. Galica refused to give consent for the blood draw.

Officers submitted a search warrant to test the blood samples taken from Galica at the hospital. On Aug. 20, the results of the tests were provided. Benzoylecgonine, the main metabolite of cocaine, was found in Galica’s blood.

McEssey suffered a spiral fracture in his lower leg. The 3-year-old child suffered multiple lacerations to the face, head and arms.