Jonathan Wilson was shot and killed in an attack by a rival gang hours after two of its members were involved in altercations with members of Wilson's gang, according to a criminal complaint.

Homicide charges were filed Tuesday against the seven people arrested in the Oct. 20 fatal shooting of Wilson, 20, of Madison, on the city's North Side.

According to the criminal complaint, police found Wilson dead in the driver's seat of his car — which had crashed into woods in the 800 block of Troy Drive — with a gunshot wound to his mouth and eye area. Police determined Wilson's killer fired from about 5 feet or less in front of his car.

Demetrius Matticx, 18, of Madison, who police believe fired the shot that killed Wilson, was charged in Dane County Circuit Court with first-degree intentional homicide.

Six others were charged with being party to first-degree intentional homicide: Shon Hamilton, 20; Dreyon James, 19; Devante James, 16; and Jimmie and John Leuaxay, both 18; and Myntrell Jarvis, 18, all of Madison.

The seven are part of a street gang created by Matticx and Hamilton called the MAD Boyz gang, made up of about 15 people, mostly from La Follette and East High Schools, the complaint states. MAD stands for Money All Day.

Wilson was part of a street gang called TMB, or Trust My Brother, the complaint states.

According to the complaint:

Wilson was in a parking lot with three others when 10 to 30 people came through a courtyard from the Vera Court area, some shooting at them.

One of the three told police that hours before the shooting, he had chased Levante James — the 19-year-old brother of Dreyon and Devante — with a piece of lumber in the 700 block of Vera Court. During the shooting, he said, he saw Dreyon James running at him and firing a gun in his direction.

Dreyon James told police that the same day as the shooting, he got into a fight and punched the person who later chased his brother. He said that prior to the shooting, his father told him his brother was hit on the back with the lumber. Though he believed those with Wilson at the time of the shooting were responsible for attacking his brother, Dreyon James denied any involvement in the shooting.

Matticx and Hamilton also denied involvement in the shooting. But Devante James said he and the other six went to the Vera Court area with guns to scare the people who chased his brother.

Prior to the shooting, a person believed to be Dreyon James phoned Hamilton and told him of the attack on Levante James and said the same people who chased him had also kicked in the door of the Vera Court "trap house," where people hung out and partied.

After visiting someone at the Dane County Jail, Hamilton and Matticx were driven to the Allied Drive neighborhood and returned with what were believed to be a shotgun and a handgun.

Matticx said, "Ain't nobody going to fight, I'm going to kill," the woman who drove them told police.

Matticx and Hamilton went back to the woman's Kennedy Heights apartment, where Dreyon and Devante James, Jarvis and others were already gathered, and Jimmie and John Leuaxay arrived later. Hamilton and Dreyon James put on white masks, she said.

The woman told police she saw at least three guns: a black handgun that Matticx had, a silver gun with a dark handle that one of the Leuaxays had, and a small black or dark gray handgun that Hamilton had.

When someone called and said the people who chased Levante James were still on Vera Court, the seven left her apartment, the woman said. A short time later, Hamilton, Dreyon James and either Devante James or Jarvis returned. All were out of breath, and Dreyon's hair was covered in burrs.

The woman said Dreyon told her, "I tossed them (expletive) in the woods," which she believed referred to the guns. Matticx arrived a few minutes later, and was no longer wearing the black jacket and gloves he had on when he left, and told the woman he threw the gloves away.

Hamilton received a phone call from someone near Vera Court who said Wilson had been shot to death, and those present said Wilson was not supposed to be with the other guys they had gone to confront, the woman said.

She said Matticx admitted he went up to the car and stuck a gun up to the window, demonstrating how he held the weapon as if he were holding a shotgun, and said, "Yeah I killed him."

Police found a .38 caliber revolver and a white mask as well as other items — including a cellphone, black gloves and caps, a black shoe, a black belt and a black sweatshirt — along nearby railroad tracks.

Police also found spent shell casings from a .32 caliber handgun in the grassy courtyard and spent shotgun shells in a parking lot.

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