A handgun dropped beneath a table at the West Towne Mall food court went off when it hit the floor Saturday afternoon, but no one was injured, Madison police reported.

The incident wasn't reported to police until Sunday afternoon by food court employees, who said they initially were too afraid to call police, according to a police news release.

"Witnesses reported hearing a loud bang and looked to see a handgun beneath a table where several men were seated," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain in the release. "It appeared the firearm discharged after falling to the floor."

Officers went back to the food court on Sunday afternoon when possible suspects had returned to the scene.

"People were talked to but there wasn't sufficient probable cause at the time to make an arrest," DeSpain said.

Besides no one being injured, there wasn't any indication of property damage.

"If a bullet was fired, it's not clear where it went," DeSpain said.


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