Beloit police are asking gun-owning residents to jot down the serial numbers of their weapons, after an owner had five weapons stolen from a residence and only had recorded two serial numbers.

Without the serial numbers, police will have a hard time returning those three guns to the owner if they are found, or figuring out where they came from if they are used in a crime.

The theft happened on Wednesday afternoon at a residence in the 1500 block of Cleveland Avenue, Beloit police said in a news release.

"Burglars entered the building, took valuables that we consistently see being taken, including two flat screen TVs and a laptop computer, but five guns also were taken," said Chief Norm Jacobs in the release.

The weapons taken include a Mossburg 500 shotgun, a .22 Ithaca rifle, a .32 special Winchester 94 rifle, a .38 Taurus handgun and a .38 Special Charter Ammo revolver.

Several hundred rounds of ammunition, holsters and gun parts also were taken in the burglary.

"If you keep weapons in your house, they should be locked away securely," Jacobs said. "The serial numbers for these weapons should be recorded and kept in a safe place in your home."

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