Continuing a trend, only four seats on the Dane County Board will be contested in the spring election.

Candidates in two of those races will first face a primary on Feb. 20 to narrow down the field to two before the April 3 general election.

Four candidates — Yogesh Chawla, Pam Porter, Heather Driscoll and Britt Cudaback — filed to run in District 6, which represents a large section of Madison’s East Side. Incumbent District 6 Sup. John Hendrick, who was elected to the board more than 20 years ago, announced last year that he would not seek reelection.

Kelly Danner and Nancy Bogue are running against incumbent Al Matano in District 11 on Madison’s Near West Side, which will prompt a primary as well.

The other contested races are between Tanya Buckingham and Anna Gouker in District 24, and between Jason L. Knoll and Jacob Luginbuhl in District 32.

County Clerk Scott McDonell attributed the decline in challengers to a drop-off in recruitment.

“If you look back when the County Board was more divided, maybe 15 years ago, there was more recruitment,” McDonell said.

In recent years, the board has had a liberal majority.

Six current supervisors will not seek reelection.

Nick Zweifel, District 3; Hendrick, District 6; Dennis O’Loughlin, District 20; Robin Schmidt, District 24; and Michael Willett, District 32, all filed their notifications of non-candidacy with the Dane County Clerk.

Ronn Ferrell, District 15, hadn’t filed a notification but also didn’t complete a candidacy filing Tuesday. Since he didn’t file the notification — which was due Dec. 22 for candidates who chose not to run — state law allows candidates to file papers for that seat until 5 p.m. Friday.

As of Tuesday, Brent Renteria was the only candidate to file for that seat.