Walker in New Hampshire

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker shakes hands during a meeting with area Republicans on Sunday in Derry, New Hampshire.


If the Kohl's shirt fits, Gov. Scott Walker will wear it. 

The Republican governor made further efforts this weekend to establish himself as the "guy next door" candidate among a growing field of contenders — official and unofficial — for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. 

Most media coverage of Walker's most recent trip to New Hampshire focused in one way or another on his fondness for the discount department store chain, based in Menomonee Falls. 

Tales of bargain hunting at Kohl's earned Walker uproarious applause in January, when he emerged as a frontrunner from a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit. So far, the schtick has stuck, with several repeat performances in New Hampshire.

"When he visited New Hampshire in March, he wore a sweater that he said he paid one dollar for at Kohl's. But Saturday night, while headlining a dinner at the New Hampshire GOP First in the Nation Summit, Walker said he got a little more dressed up," CNN reported, noting that while Walker's shirt was from Kohl's, he sported a Jos. A. Bank jacket. 

As for the $1 sweater story, don't worry: PolitiFact is on it, and the rating is "true."

The "I'm just like you" pitch doesn't just serve to create a frame for Walker, it's also a jab at many of his potential competitors. He took a swipe at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in his speech this weekend, quipping that she's probably never been to Kohl's.

But "one man's dis is another man's compliment," wrote New York Magazine's Jessica Roy in a piece in which she referred to Walker as a "Kohl's spokesman."

Walker isn't limiting the dis to his competition across the aisle, though. 

"For the most part, the candidates have observed Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: 'Thou Shall Not Speak Ill of Any Republican.' That is, except for Walker," wrote The Daily Beast's David Freelander.

In a piece published on Friday, Freedlander rattled off a list of Republicans at whom Walker has taken shots, some more thinly veiled than others: Chris Christie, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, even (maybe) Paul Ryan.

Of course, even the Kohl's quips come with a catch.

"What Walker doesn’t mention is his biggest interaction with the third-largest U.S. department store chain: a state incentive package worth as much as $62.5 million. The credits, offered in 2012 when there was a chance the company would relocate to another state, arrived despite Walker’s limited-government philosophy," wrote Bloomberg's John McCormick

That interaction was through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the jobs agency Walker chairs.

And while Walker's bargain-hunting experience at Kohl's might endear him to the everyday voter, he also has the support of some of the country's biggest spenders.

After the governor spoke on Monday at a fundraising event for the New York State Republican Party in Manhattan, billionaire political donor David Koch told attendees he and his brother, Charles, will support the Republican candidate in 2016, no matter who it is.

"But it should be Scott Walker," Koch said, according to the New York Times.

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