JUNEAU — A 21-year-old Cambria man who was taken into custody following a fire and death Saturday in the town of Calamus has been charged with eight misdemeanors.

Jose J. Hernandez Jr., has been charged with two counts of criminal damage to property, two counts of trespassing, one count of battery, one count of negligent handling of burning materials one count of disorderly conduct and one count of theft.

Authorities are still investigating the incident and say that additional charges could follow once the investigation is finished.

According to the criminal complaint, the body of Victor M. Aguilar-Bustamante, 18, was found inside a mobile home in the town of Calamus. Deputy Medical Examiner Lee Smith said the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, forensic pathologist Dr. Douglas Kelley said in the complaint there was evidence of hemorrhaging around the Aguilar-Bustamante’s right eye, forehead and cheek.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department responded to an underage drinking party at the address on Friday at 11:37 p.m. The criminal complaint states that a relative of Hernandez had been at that party and he went there to pick the person up. His car was parked in front of the mobile home with the flashers on, but was locked.

Hernandez told police he was upset and wanted to get his keys so he pounded on the trailer so he could get inside. According to the complaint, witnesses saw Hernandez break in through the garage.

According to the complaint, once inside, Hernandez said he tried to wake Aguilar-Bustamante and a fight ensued that resulted in him striking Aguilar-Bustamante in the face.

Hernandez then left with his keys, but told investigators he went back inside because he thought he left his cellphone inside. The complaint states that Hernandez told police he found a box of matches in the bedroom where Aguilar-Bustamante was and lit three of them for light to search for his phone. According to the complaint, he told investigators that when the matches burned down he threw them on the floor.

He also said he had used a phone he found inside the trailer for light and that he took numerous keys when he left.

When police searched Hernandez’s 2010 Dodge Avenger, they found a cellphone belonging to Aguilar-Bustamante.

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