Someone bought a $1 million lottery ticket in Eau Claire last September and didn’t turn it in.

Time is money. Procrastination or forgetfulness can be expensive, however, as state lottery officials are reminding that the buyer has only until March 21 to become a winner.

That’s the 180-day turn-in deadline.

The ticket was purchased at the Kwik Trip on West MacArthur Avenue in Eau Claire in time for the Sept. 23 Powerball pick. The ticket matched the five numbers: 8, 29, 41, 51 and 58, but not the Powerball (5) or Power Play (2) numbers.

People forget or, in the case of smaller pots, don’t bother to take their winnings in fairly often. For fiscal year 2015, unclaimed lotto game prizes in Wisconsin totaled $2,230,267. That does not include unclaimed scratch game winners. The unclaimed money goes back to the lottery credit property tax relief.

The million dollar prize must be picked up in person at the Wisconsin Lottery headquarters, 2135 Rimrock Road. The chance of winning $1 million in the Powerball lottery is 1 in 5,153,633. The odds increase considerably if you forget you bought the ticket.